Wedding Party


John O’Sullivan

Best Man

JJ’s best friend since first grade, John and JJ grew up together, playing lacrosse and football and going on family vacations to Bermuda and Disney World. After college, they were roommates for five years in White Plains, and JJ was the best man at John’s wedding to his wife Catherine. John is a loyal, fun-loving friend who we always enjoy grabbing a few beers with at Captain Lawrence.

Bryan Byrne


One of JJ’s best pals from high school, Bryan is a funny guy with a long memory (he’s great for old stories about JJ!). Bryan and JJ also founded their own band, called 3BK, that produced a number of hit songs in its heyday. These days, Bryan is a favorite friend to watch the Jets and the Yankees with.

Ben Stark


Also a close friend from high school, Ben and JJ played on the lacrosse team and took Italian class together. Most importantly, they bonded over a shared love of jam music: Over the years, they’ve seen too many shows together to count, including Moe. and Phish. Also known as Benjamino and Starky, Ben has a great sense of humor that’s often on display when we hang out over dinner or watching football.

Isaac Cass


Yet another friend from high school (sensing a theme?), JJ and Isaac bonded over lacrosse when they were younger, and craft beer when they got a little bit older. We’ve had many great times with Isaac and his family, from seeing My Morning Jacket in concert to celebrating birthdays with his adorable kids.

Miles Ross


Rounding out the high school crew, Miles and JJ share a love of skateboarding. They were also commuting buddies after college, riding the train together into the city for work (as well as for a few indie rock concerts!). Perhaps most notably, Miles has encouraged JJ to get into hiking, showing him some of the best trails in the Hudson Valley and Adirondacks.


Jill Marcantonio

Maid of Honor

Jill and Kerry have been best friends since they were paired on a biology project in the first week of their freshman year of high school. Over the years, they’ve shared too many Hoffman’s ice cream dates and Gilmore Girls marathons to count. We love Jill for being a loyal, thoughtful friend, with a dry sense of humor that you might notice during her Maid of Honor speech!

Caitlin Bowen


Caitlin lived down the hall from Kerry during their freshman year of college, and they became best friends through Cornell and beyond. Caitlin is one of the smartest people we know (getting a joint MD/Ph.D. from Johns Hopkins!), and a fellow fan of Star Wars movies and Irish culture. She’s also a great listener who gives excellent advice about both wine pairings and life.

Claire Marie Ochse


Claire Marie, also known as Clammy, has been best friends with Kerry since she started at H.W. Mountz Elementary School in the third grade. From grabbing dinner on the Upper East Side to beach days at the Jersey Shore, Clammy is one of our favorite friends to kick back with. She’s also an excellent source of stories – both nostalgic and embarrassing – from Kerry’s childhood!

Jamie DePippo


Jamie is JJ’s cousin, and Kerry and Jamie quickly bonded over a shared love of cooking and a shameless addiction to The Bachelor. Jamie is endlessly kind, incredibly funny, and an extremely patient educator to the elder generation about finstas and Snapchat. We love with hanging out with Jamie over a delicious meal or with her adorable dog, Scout.

Ring Bearers

Luca and Nico Sergi

JJ’s cousins Luca and Nico are our two favorite aspiring policemen and firefighters. They were the obvious choice for this big responsibility!

Flower Girls

Siena and Sloane Franks

JJ’s cousins Siena and Sloane are two of the smartest young ladies we’ve ever met. We’re so happy they’re bringing their talents to New Jersey for our special day!